The Difference between Recessed Canless Lights and Can lights

The Difference between Recessed Canless Lights and Can lights - Lumary

You must have considered installing recessed lights in your living room or bedroom when renovate your new house, a good led recessed lights can not only instantly light up the entire space but also bring a substantial improvement to the aesthetics of the entire space. Both in terms of energy-saving, brightness duration and the sense of space, recessed lights are definitely the first choice to install.

can lights and canless lights are the most popular recessed lights available on the market today, the difference between of it is that the can shape of can lights can protect the bulbs and they usually come with hooks and rods for installation. The canless lights, on the other hand, are designed to sit flush with the surface for a smooth and polished finish.

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Differences between Can Lights and Canless Lights

Can lights typically range in size from 3 to 6 inches. If your house or room ceilings are lower, can lights may be the best choice because they will blend in with the ceiling. Plus, can lights have more decorative options than canless lights. However, it need to go completely put into the ceiling and they are easier to install when building a home. This is because they are easier to install before placing drywall.

One of the biggest cons of can lights is that it reduces the insulation value of the house. There are also restrictions on where it can be placed, depending on the orientation of the joists and trusses in your home.

Canless lights all have built-in LED lights. This means that when they stop working, you have to replace the entire fixture. However, unlike light bulbs, LED lights do not burn out. Since most canless lights use LED lights, they tend to be more energy efficient than can lights. This is because the lack of fixtures means there are no holes through which heat and air conditioning can pass, and LED lights are more energy efficient than other bulbs. Because it's easy to install, that means they tend to take less time and are easier to install than can lights. And there are no joists to worry about when installing them, because they are mounted in a way that allows them to be positioned across trusses and joists.

The Most Optimal Size

The most common sizes in almost all homes are 4 in. to 7 in. After market selection, 6-inch fixtures are the most popular. Because of its popularity, you will have an easier time finding a variety of styles for 6" fixtures.

To determine the size you need, consider the area you want to light.

The Lights Choice You'll Never Regret

Installing recessed lighting can be a great return on investment. Even if you plan to sell or rent your home, the average sales price to rental price ratio is 101.5% once you install recessed lighting. After several data proves that recessed lighting is one of the most valuable home improvement trends in the United States, it can maximize the overall aesthetics of the space and give the illusion of a luxurious space.

Smart Recessed Lighting Changes Lives

Smart phones have changed the world, the trend of smart lighting has become increasingly hot, no longer need to manually switch to be able to fully control the lighting has been popular for a long time. When you come home, through the smart speaker voice control will be able to change the brightness of the light, color, mood will also change with. Open your phone, when you are viewing funny short videos, by the way, through the App to control the lights can also customize the scene, allowing you to completely free your hands. By imitating the rising and setting of the sun, the brightness and color temperature of the lights will automatically change, allowing you to fully participate in what you want to do inside. If you have the habit of often forgetting to turn off the lights when you go out, no longer have to worry about wasting electricity and run back to manually turn off the lights, intelligent lighting simply by binding the App can do everything on the phone. For example: remote light switch, timer light switch.

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