How to Bind the Remote Control for Lumary Lights

How to Bind the Remote Control for Lumary Lights - Lumary

With the development of Lumary, we not only support app control and smart voice control, but also develop traditional remote control method for those elderly who are not good at using smart devices. Although only some devices currently support remote control, but this is already a good start.


All light source class (downlight, ceiling light, bulb) products if you need to use Lumary remote control, the device should be normally bound by the App after ensuring the network is normal, through the wall switch (or disconnect the switch): OFF - ON for once, a minute belongs to the remote control with the network time, at this time you can bind the device to the remote control according to your needs (Long press A, B, C, D grouping key, if 10S device does not appear flashing phenomenon need to long press A, B, C, D grouping key again, after a minute, the device is not bound need to re-operation of the above action).

Lumary smart light remote control

Here are the specific steps below:

First, the device is in the flashing status, the unpaired device automatically flashes for 3 minutes on power.

Second, open Lumary app, turn on Bluetooth, connect to wifi, click add device in the auto-discovery bar.

Third, after adding, turn off the power of the device and turn it on again, the device and the remote control will be in pairing state within 30S.

Forth, you can choose any grouping button on the remote control, long press the grouping button until the device flashing, then it means the grouping pairing is successful, at the same time, the Bluetooth remote control will appear on the mobile app.

Lumary smart led remtoe control

Use the remote control to control the color temperature, brightness, RGB mode, scene mode and night light of the device, and enter the UI of the device. UI will follow the change when the remote control.

How to unbind the remote control?

Long press the brightness model one and the corresponding grouping key to finish unbinding.


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