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One Source of spotlights light for all seasons

I recently purchased the Smart Landscape Lights, and I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase. These lights are a game-changer for my outdoor space. With a total brightness of 3000lm and 36W output, they illuminate my frontyard beautifully. What sets them apart is the individual control via the app, allowing me to customize the ambiance effortlessly.The IP65 waterproof rating ensures they withstand all weather conditions, and their durability is evident. I particularly love the timer schedule feature, which lets me automate when the lights turn on and off, saving energy. Plus, the music sync option adds an extra layer of entertainment during outdoor gatherings. Overall, these landscape lights have enhanced both the aesthetics and functionality of my outdoor space. A fantastic investment for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor lighting game.These lights are easy to install. You can isntall as is after coming out from the box. No need of any bulky transformer. Check the uploaded the pictures to get an idea.

This lights are amazing!

The Lumary Smart Recessed Lighting set of 4 are amazing, finally I found the lights that I always wanted, were you can dim and change colors, and the best part is that you can control them on your cellphone.There are many available colors to choose and temperature lighting.The lights are very bright and nice looking.They are also compatible with alexa and Google.Great quality lighting set, and the price is very worth it.

Easy To Install, Exceptional Performance, Exceptional Value

My old lights were looking old and needing replacing and since they were the old floodlight type I thought this might be a problem but the hookup was easy, the app was simple to use and the new lights fit in the old hole so I was more than happy. The ability to get brightness like the sun or dim down to mood light or find different colors or even play around with the preset themes. It was all great, the performance was great, the quality was great, this is an easy 5 Star rating.

Looks great in many places

?We put these in the recreational room we are remodeling downstairs. It added just the right amount of light and class to the area.But the best part? The color-changing feature! With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can transform the look and feel of any room in your home to match your mood. Whether you want a cozy warm glow or a vibrant party atmosphere, this light has got you covered.The addition of Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity takes convenience to a whole new level.Best feature - You can control the lights from anywhere in your home using your phone or even connect them to your smart home system for voice control.

Lumary Smart Recessed Lighting 6 Inch Canless LED Recessed Lights

I bought these 6 canless lights for my guest bedroom and these are not only energy-efficient with their 13W power consumption but also incredibly bright at 1100lm.Love how they change colors to set different moods is a fantastic feature, and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity make controlling them a breeze, plus you can control these with Alexa and Google Assistant. Being able to control the lights with voice commands is very convenient. The installation was straightforward, thanks to the included junction box.Overall, the canless design is sleek and modern and gives a really clean look to the ceiling. It's transformed the ambiance and made the lighting setup smarter and more versatile.

Love these!!

We had our electrician install- he said it was really easy. I set it up with our Alexa. They work great! Everybody comments on how cool they are. A must have!


1light broken stake and screw stripped

Great lights, lousy app

The lights work well, but figuring out the app is a pain. If you are using the preset app functions you should be fine, but if you want ease of use maybe look elsewhere.

Great deal!

It is the most and reliable product for the price! I have them the 6 and the smaller ones along with garden spot lights! I highly recommend!

I love these

I love these, You can control them from the app! You can adjust the color of each light or all the lights! You can put them on a timer to come on at a certain time of evening and go off in the morning. I love that.

Great Customer Service

Customer Service was right on my issue and sent me a replacement set after simply providing verification of purchase. Love the product & will keep them in mind for future neede!!

Excellent landscape lights

Easy to configure,The scenes work very fineThe features are very good,It can be programmed to turn on and off any day and at any time.The intensity of the lights is adequate,The cable distance between one light and another is enoughIt works very well from the application or the remote controlI liked all the features. I recommend 100% these landscape lights

Awesome lights

These things are amazing very bright lights up the house ready for Halloween

Brilliant and flexible landscape illumination. For flood lights, look no further!

*note that the multiple colored areas on the nightime landscape picture here are done with ONE STRING. The lights are fully independently programmable for different areas of the yard.Although the previous Lumary product I was using was quite good, these new lights are an extraordinary improvement in every way- theyre better built and are much brighter, with better color resolution.I needed far fewer lights to accomplish the same effect on my landscape, so I was able to use the other lights on the string to a better purpose illuminating different sections of the yard. For example there is a large tree that previously needed 3 floodlights to illuminate; now I need only only 2 and the illumination is much better. That freed up another light on the string to be used in a different area of the landscape, in a different color.The wires between each light on the string are longer, allowing more flexibility in placing the lights. There are weathertight connectors along the string _between each light_ which helps immensely when running a string that loops around different areas of the landscape. Even so, the electronic controller module looks to be the same as the previous model, and these lights can be ganged together with other Lumary lights in the app so that they all operate in unison. Since they are Google voice and Alexa compatible, they can also be triggered and manipulated using those apps, together with other items from altogether different manufacturers. It can also be done remotely when away from home.In fact, the only downside I can see relative to the previous lights is that they are substantially more expensive- they cost over twice as much. However, all things considered, I think they are probably worth it. My wife is also very impressed, and as we all know, thats what counts.Im going to be getting several more strings and adding them to my landscape.

They work GREAT

I have a TP Link mesh system and simply could not get these lights to connect. The lights themselves put out very nice light output and if they would of simply connected to my WiFi I'm sure I would of really liked them.Update: The manufacture contacted me because of my review above and worked with me to get my lights working. I'm now a supporter of Lumary and am very happy with my purchase. If you have a problem with their products, just get ahold of the support team and they will work hard to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Adjustable Spotlights LED RGB

?This is a weatherproof spotlight LED color-changing system from Lumary. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and installs effortlessly in the Lumary mobile app. The color of the spotlights can also be controlled by a button on the power switch. The lights are weatherproof and have withstood substantial rainfall without faltering.The heads of the lights can be adjusted to beam at different angles. I illuminate my house all day and night with these spectacular LED lights. They provide security and style to my outdated house.

Awesome lighting and customer service

I love these lights and the various lighting sequences to choose from. I had issues with the first set of lights I installed. Their customer service answered each email and their technicians worked with me. Asked for a video of my problem and then sent me a new replacement set of lights. You will not be disappointed!

Look great and easy to setup

We were looking for something to light up the front of our house that was not solar based and ended up choosing these lights. We could not be more happy with the purchase. The lights look great and were super easy to setup. We actually just purchased another set to complete the look around the outside of our house.Using the APP is super simple and we are looking forward to testing out the color combinations to light up the house for Halloween and Christmas.


Ive been using these for a few months now. They work beautifully! I love that I can use my iPhone or Alexa to control them. When we order Uber Eats, I turn them green and let my driver know so they find our house easy. I made a routine do I can tell Alexa Uber Eats is coming ??.

Great Product.

Great product, great company, great customer service. They contacted me, to make sure everything worked and if I needed help with setup. I would recommend this company a 100x's over.

Fabulous for up-lighting palm trees

We have palm trees around our pool deck and these lights absolutely make a difference at night. The colors are clear and easy to change. Very high quality housings that seem like they will withstand the weather very well. I'm definitely impressed.


First I was pleasantly surprised that the mountain stakes are actually aluminum with thumbscrews very awesome. Metal housing on the lights completely high grade. I use mine on a bocce court.. I use a one inch PVC pipe that I painted black because the inside diameter is perfect for the stakes to fit S nug. So if you're looking for a alternative mountain idea there you go.The first night I tried with no risers tonight. I'm gonna try with a 4 and a 1/2 inch riser. I think it's gonna be more illuminated. The lights are awesome. I haven't really played with the software, but if your Wi-Fi router is too far away, just turn on your Mobile Hotspot and then control the Lights through the app.It works flawless and it dances to the music or whatever else you wanna set it up to do I wish they had a twelve light set or were able to daisy chain these.

Different color options for hallway ambience

I recently installed a wet location can light in my bathroom that had a variety of color changing options similar to this light. Therefore, I installed this light in the hallway leading to the bathroom in order to match the light ambience of the bathroom, now also in the hallway thanks to this light. I have installed many recessed can lights so this install was very simple. This light has had no issues and has been installed for 6 months so far, so the longevity of this product is good. The price point is a little higher than what I paid for some previous purchased lights but overall I'm very satisfied with this product. So are many of my guests who comment how nice the bathroom and hallway lighting look.

Incredible Landscaping RGBIC Lights

I love the flexibility of these lights. I use with my Alexa Echo and the app. Great color choices!!

Amazing landscaping lights

This is my third purchase with these lights, once you download the app it is very easy to use. I control different colors to fit the mood outdoors as well as I have them on an automatic timer to come on and off at nights. I did have a small problem with one of the lights & Amazon recommended that I called Lumary directly since it was past my 30 day exchange window, well I have to say, I was very impressed with the professionalism and quality of service the tech & the customer service provided . I received a replacement right away, easy process. I am so happy with the overall experience,Great lighting, easy to install, and I'm getting ready to purchase another setOverall I could not be happier I know you will be happy adding these lights to your outdoor retreat.