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Recess light

The light was an easy install to replace an existing light. It is very bright. I plan on replacing more of my lights with these in the future.

Great product, great value

Lumary makes great products.. period. I have purchased more than 20 of their products and found them well designed, extremely easy to program, and overall a great value for the money. The outdoor string lights are no exception. Still haven't quite figured out where I'm going to use them, as the possibilities are endless. If I had to find anything to improve, I wish they were a little brighter, but for the money I'm not complaining. Totally satisfied and probably will buy more. Can't go wrong with Lumary.

These are a GREAT value!

These lights are very colorful, the app allows for different patterns, and you can set automatic on and off times. So much to these and much cheaper than other brands out there! I've had them out in the winter and they work great!


I love these things. I bought them to use during Christmas on my back porch. I like how I can change between different colors and different patterns. Definitely would recommend!

Awesome LED Lights!!

Bought for my daughters’ bedrooms. We already had recessed lights, so the switch was easy. We had one bad j-box and customer service was amazing and replaced it immediately. The girls love the ability to color change the lights on their phones. I highly recommend Lumary and would definitely buy from them again.

When Millennials Buy Homes

So as a Millennial gamer having just bought my first home, these lights appealed greatly to me. We did our entire new construction house in these lights and on a white ceiling, they look very subtle. It was easier to place them in new positions on the ceiling than to replace recessed can lights (that were nailed down up in the attic).

That said, they also blend well with white soffits. We used a 6" hole saw to drill out the holes, and used a larger bore drill to put a hole in the wall behind the soffit to run the power cord through to the attic.

It should be noted that if you are putting these in your soffits, it's ideal to use a shim to create a small bracket to fix the junction box to the wall to so it's not resting on your soffits. We also ran it to a new switch in the garage that stays on----if you ever need to reset your lights, they should always be ran to a wall switch so you don't have to flip your power on and off at the circuit board. They easily connected to the wifi, though I will say that I also have several EERO wifi extenders (2.4ghz) through-out my home that made it easier.

The app worked well to set up scenes, though I wish it had some more automated scenes (like fading from one color to another in a roygbiv pattern or slow chasing).


These light are so nice and bright, light weight and very colorful and LOVE the remote! They are bright and I love the easy install. Great lights at a great price!! I highly recommend these lights!

Smart Outdoor String Lights

If youre looking for the newest, coolest, top of the line, state of the art string lightsyou found them! Other string lights just dont compare!

These things are perfect!

I hung these around the base of my deck during Christmas and they looked amazing! I loved all the different options available and had them always rotating colors. They also stay at whatever setting you sent them last two when you turn them on and off. This is very important when you use an automatic switch!

Excellent smart light, just make sure it will fit

I used these lights for a DIY project and have been quite pleased so far.

First, they look quite elegant, they provide decent lighting. And its installation in the app is easy.

However, its physical installation does require a little more work, especially if the location does not have the correct accessories to mount it. However, in my case after a couple of hours of research on the internet, I was able to solve my problem.

Super easy to use with the app

We installed this within 20 minutes and we’re setting up custom light displays from the app within a few minutes.

Excellent alternative to recessed lights cans.

Excellent alternative to recessed lights cans.

Love them and easy to install

Installed 4 under soffits, love them, so easy to instal and the connection to my iPhone Lumary app was seamless.

Fantastic lights for my art studio!

Product is definitely worth the money. Installed within minutes. Super bright for my art studio storefront! Attracts a lot of attention!

Lumary WiFi Smart Recessed Can Light RGB WiFi LED Downlight 4inch


Lumary just get things right when it comes to recess lighting. My whole house has Lumary recess lighting. I got this to showcase a new piece of art I got. So I wanted to adjust the beam and this one works great. It really has a lot of range of where you can position the light. The app works great. I personally don't use the Lumary App. I use the Smart Life/Tuya app for greater compatibility with my other smart devices. And, as with most Lumary products, this one works with those apps. Another thing you have to love is the brightness of the colors. Some led lights have strong white light, but not strong colored lighting. These really have good strong, vibrant colors. I did have to have an electrician install this one, spent $125, but It was very worth it and the high CRI shows the colors in my artwork very well.

Very elegant and clean

Looks incredible in my yard. Elegant and easy to use. App for controlling the lights was easy to use as well.

Great smart lights for my patio

I installed 6 of these on my covered patio onto existing 4" round boxes. A couple of them wouldn't connect to wifi on the first try even though signal strength was strong at that location, but later did connect after a couple more attempts. Now they are working well and I love the flexibility of the color settings, and that they work with my existing SmartLife app!

Easy to install and control

I’m a first time lighting installer and this couldn’t have been easier. Replaced 4 inch recessed can lights. Had to make the hole in ceiling slightly bigger using the provided template. App is simple to use as well

Very easy to install.

I have a few of these Lumary lights in my home. I have different sizes, but they all work the same. They have been great lights. I use the app Smart Life for a lot of my smart home. Working with Alexa is another great feature. I have a few in bathrooms and they make a great nightlight as well. The lights work as they should, I've never had an issue with them.

The ingenious string of lights for use in the garden

I have three fairy lights in use in our garden. They are ingenious smart light chains with many functions.
I had a defective lamp and have contacted the support for this. The support is easy to contact, answered quickly and was very helpful. I got a replacement sent directly and everything is working again.
So I am completely satisfied and thrilled with the fairy lights.
Perfek for indirect lighting, as deco and perfect for parties.
I can only recommend the fairy lights and would definitely buy them again.

Easy install

Easy install and Link up to Alexa. Works perfectly. We'll made unlike a few others I've seen.

Amazing will alway buy from this company

The best wifi light company on the market

Exemplary lights!

These string lights are really awesome!

They work amazingly and give off perfect lighting.

The included remote gives you the option to have so many different light scenarios.

Also, there is a lot of light feet-wise.

You can do an entire room.

Very aesthetically pleasing.

Absolutely love.

The quality is wonderful.

These will last for a long time.

Quality light! Easy and simple installation!

We've been using Lumary product for few years now and we love it! The service is amazing and product is of high quality. This 4 inch Gimbal light is very well made and works great. It is on more expensive side, but for the price you receive a great light with an excellent tech support (which we've used in the past and always had positive outcome).

This is a very easy to install solution, everything you need comes included and the instructions are great, you can tell these people have been doing it for a while! This is one of the easiest installations for a new fixture I've done, and having already an app for this company, adding a new fixture was quite simple as well. Overall, I am a happy return customer to this brand!