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The lights are great

Here is what you need to know they work awesome and look great. They are not replacement lights for low voltage landscaping lights. Lumary lights plug into a 110 outlet. Then you place the lights in the area you want them to illuminate. They will not work with other lights kits for landscaping. Keep that in mind the cord is only so long and you have to plug it into an outlet. If you are looking for replacement low voltage lights like I was these will not work. If you have a small area that you can keep them close these lights will be awesome. I will have to return the lights I have they will not work in my application. Line is to far to use these.

Super lindas!!!!!!

Buy them, you will love them, I was fascinated and in love with my room, the lights change colors by the phone has an application.

What a difference it makes!

I installed 20 of the Lumary Wi-Fi Smart Canless lights over the weekend with no issues! I connected them one by one and imported them into the Lumary IOS App. They look amazing on the outside of my home!

Kitchen Upgrade with recessed lighting

It took a while to get lights to connect to App. Best to stand under the light. The changing colors are fun. You can use Google to turn lights on and off along with changing color.


These lights work perfectly for what I wanted. I used them to get better lighting in my game room. It required two sets to get the whole room done, but the lighting is so much better now then the florescent lighting. The template for making the holes is useful, however I used a Dermal attachment instead. It was easy to connect to Alexia. It comes with Wago style connectors to make connecting everything easy. It will brighten you room, 100% is very bright. Often I use between 1 and 25%. However it is nice to have the ability to have brighter lights when needed. The swivel function is nice, but it does not seem to do anything to aim the light, because of how nicely diffused it is.

Happy So Far

I needed to upgrade my condo ceiling light system and I chose the smart approach. I spent many hours on Google and all other lighting manufacturers websites looking for light fixtures that would fit my existing openings, match the existing voltage, and have a good appearance. Add in modern technology including dimming, a million colors, mood swings and music association and you have what I want. These lights seem to meet my expectations so far. I'm starting with five stars now, however, my final verdict will come later after a few holidays and family gatherings. The only "so far" question is the minimum dimmer position. It's quite bright and you're held to the App control only. The App is otherwise fantastic with ease of operation and control of numerous fixtures. One nice unbeknownst feature is arriving home after a short vacation and finding all the lights on since a power failure and start up automatically put the lights in the full on or emergency on position.

Love the lights, the app needs some work

These lights are bright and look great! I had them installed around the front soffit of my house. My hopes were that I could load certain scenes, AKA themes, for different special occasions. This can be done, but the app does not give you much control over how it is done, unless you just set each one individually. When I first got them, I was able to load a scene where the lights would fade into different colors. The problem with that was that I could not set the order of the lights, so it didn't look as good as it could have if the lights changed color in order. I really hope they make some improvements to the app in the future because that's the only downfall to these so far!

Easy install. Looks great. Here’s one thing to think about

Love the product. Easy install. Everything worked right out of the box and had it up in 10 minutes.
It’s not a huge deal for me, but you may want to consider buying the lightbulbs from the same manufacturer if you have a vanity or other fixtures in a room. There are about five colors that look different on this LED then they do on other smart lights in the room. I noticed them during testing, but I’m so happy with the product that I’m not changing the bulbs or this new fixture. It works great.

Bright. Great buy!

These are nice & bright. Super easy install. They totally transform your yard! Will definitely be buying more for around my pool palms


These lights work perfectly for what I wanted. I used them to get better lighting in my game room. It required two sets to get the whole room done, but the lighting is so much better now then the florescent lighting. The template for making the holes is useful, however I used a Dermal attachment instead. It was easy to connect to Alexia. It comes with Wago style connectors to make connecting everything easy. It will brighten you room, 100% is very bright. Often I use between 1 and 25%. However it is nice to have the ability to have brighter lights when needed. The swivel function is nice, but it does not seem to do anything to aim the light, because of how nicely diffused it is.

Bright lights! And love the colors !

They are bright and vibrant and easy to control by using the button on the lights. Simply plug in and begin to enjoy the soothing lights, the bulbs are made of durable plastic but bring one spare bulb.

Easy to set up, weatherproof and customizable to your own taste

The smart light bulbs 💡 led string light from Lumary is ultra cool.

We installed these under our covered patio. The connection to Amazon Alexa was quickly established. Voice control works super fast as well.

With the app Lumary which also serves as a remote control - countless many effects and lighting types can be selected.

The light colors 🟡🟣🔴🔵🟢🟠 are very stylish and a real eye-catcher. The brightness 🔆 🔅 can also be adjusted.

The music 🎶 mode is also ingenious - the light color 🟡🟣🔴🔵 rhythmically adapts to the music.

The build quality is on a very high level. The price-performance ratio fits. Expectations exceeded.

Price performance is right here for this robust and smart colorful led string light

The RGB light chain from Lumary, which I ordered and tested extensively in recent weeks, was delivered quickly and safely packed. The product packaging looked high-quality and reminded me of many other colorful LED products from other manufacturers. Somehow everyone is trying to copy the other here, but it looks good.

Even inside the package it continues in a high quality way. The light chain makes a very solid and robust impression, especially the bulbs themselves in their matte plastic cover. They don't look as flimsy as the outdoor string of lights we've used so far. And if something does break, a (!) replacement bulb is included. There could have been a few more in the package, as there are currently no replacement bulbs to buy individually. It would be a pity if you have to throw away this great chain of lights at some point, just because a few lamps are broken.

I hung the 16.5 meter long chain on the garden fence around our pool corner, which was possible thanks to the built-in suspension hooks without any problems, if necessary just take here and there a cable tie to help.

The initial setup with the Lumary app on my Google Pixel 6 phone was problem-free, the subsequent implementation in our Alexa network hooked at first, on the second try it worked. Since then, our light chain with the great name "pool light" can be switched on and off or change the colors by voice. I have also integrated them into automatic routines, which allows them to be switched on and off at sunrise and sunset. This is how I imagine a smart device.

But the real functional diversity is available via the Lumary app. Painting with colors and addressing individual bulbs directly, control by music for the garden disco party or fixed scenes, everything is mastered by the app. Sure, you have to create an account somewhere in China again, but I have special email addresses for that and it doesn't bother me.

Material, workmanship and app - everything works flawlessly and makes a good impression. Now it just has to be more durable than our previous light chain, in whose bulbs water has collected here and there. I will report on it, because with us this chain is now hanging outside in wind and weather. The long-term test will then submit at this point, I promise.

Until then, we are thrilled and award a clear 5 stars. The price is also fair for the function offered. Therefore, a clear recommendation from our side.

Don’t have any complaints these cameras are really good especially considering the price

Excellent product

Exactly as described, works perfectly with Alexa as well as Google.

There is not currently any other camera around with the same feature set and price point of this camera.

Works great as a flood light and also has the ability to turn flood light off if desired.

Only missing feature is custom preset positions, touring and to set home/default position.

Would also be nice if reset button had programmable software functionality so that was easier to integrate with doorbell and locks.

Support ethernet but not poe.

Support 12v power with included receptacle based power supply transformer with ample length for mounting, 10ft.

Included mount is not the greatest but works, just be prepared to use your own screws, included screws are for basic installs only.

Indeed a great product I would happy buy again!!!

Eager to see how v2 looks and what it offers! Expect great things from this company!!!

Lumary Smart Canless Recessed Lighting 6 inch 4PCS

Beautiful and simple install

The unit fit our existing stop above the bath tub. It dims nicely and the present colors scenes set the mode for a relaxing soak

Lumary Smart WiFi Plug 10A

Setup was easy and it works as advertised. A very nice product.

Great lights!

Fast delivery, interesting products

Fantastic picture clarity, Home Assistant integration

The camera arrived in excellent condition and took about 15 minutes to install. The lights and camera angle are easy to adjust for the most optimal view and lighting. I also installed an optional SD card - I would recommend a high endurance card given the outdoor conditions.

Instead of using the recommended app I used my existing Smart Life (Tuya) app. It took just a few minutes to setup and add to my home automation system. There are many custom settings that can be adjusted and extensive reporting modules if used within Home Assistant.

The picture quality is excellent - by far better than anything I have used in the past. There is minimal lag time and loads quickly.

I'm going to order an additional unit for my garage side door - 5 stars!

A Great & Convenient Product

I used this to add a new work box in my closet where I've mounted a desk for powering my laptop and charging various devices. No complaints so far and thankfully the USB is not noisy when in use. I can usually hear the high pitched 'whine' of flyback transformers and various poorly made charging circuits, but no problems with that here.

Easy to set up via Wifi, BEAUTIFUL light 😍😍😍

** Watch my Video to see how beautiful this lamp is **
This is the kind of thing I didnt know I needed prior to getting it. Im truly in LOVE with this lamp. 💕

The App Lumary. From there, its easy to choose which color/mood I wish the light to be. My favorites are Aurora and Sea.

Like most of the Devices using Wifi, it needs to connect to 2.4 Ghz, not 5Ghz.

I placed it in my bedroom and prior to go to bed, I set the Night Light, which is like the Bonfire in Ambient Light, and it slowly calm me down.
I also set the Wake Up with Aurora, to be awaken by a soft glow.

Truly magnificent, works flawlessly with the App. Can also make a wonderful gift to children or adults.

Excellent Lighting Solution

Lumary lights transformed a dark, shadowy basement into a comfortable, and desirable living space.

Super Easy To Install - Look Great

These work great in our living room. They were very easy to install, setup and connect to Alexa. Im slowly converting all of the old style recessed lights to Lumary.

A light for any mood, the Lumary lamp provides virtually unlimited options

The Lumary Entertainment Lamp is a terrific "mood" light. There are so many options and customizable operations that you are likely to never run out of scenarios or scenes that can be created.First of all the light is seven inches (7) in diameter, so its a relatively smallish lamp, but absolutely beautiful. This is well built and is very light (although I didn't weigh it). The lamp can be placed face up or you can place it vertically (like in my pictures). The lamp comes with a usb cable and power brick because this is not rechargeable and requires being plugged into an outlet all the time. The light also features a physical dial/button on the back which one can use. By pressing on the button/dail you will go through each of the smart scenes, while rotating the dial will adjust brightness (incidentally the light is equivalent to a 10 Watt bulb and 600 lumens), but to get the most out of this light you have to use the Lumary app. Also, if you are wondering, the lamp does not get hot at all or even warm so when its on it can be easily grasped without fear of burning your hands.The smart scenes are what help this lamp become a five star rated product for me. As noted above, the weather data in your area can be used in a manner to customize smart scenes on top of the regular auto scheduling. For example, one can have the lamp turn on a couple of hours after sundown to act as a larger nightlight. There is a soft nightlight pre-set scene for this however I prefer the bonfire pre-set scene that I have in my pictures. In the morning, when the sun rises, you can change the light to give off a sunrise scene. Of course you are not restricted to sunrise and sundown - you can set things to turn on and off 15 minutes before or after, or an hour before or after etc. whatever you wish up to a certain point. I have attached a video demonstrating how to set up a smart scene based on a "schedule" condition to demonstrate how simple the process is.Another option maybe to set the light to turn a light blue when its snowing outside, or a dark blue when its raining, again the options are virtually endless.

You can have the light act like an alarm clock by turning on and and changing the brightness as you wake up although it will take a bit of work in the app, but perhaps you want brightness at 15% when you first wake up with a soft coloured light, and then increase it to 50% a few minutes later before finally changing to 100% brightness and more of a white colour to fully wake up. The point is, that there are a significant level of customization options for one to consider through the condition based approach employed by the app, and of course there is always just the one touch on/off if you wish - the simple is not overlooked.As a result of the high quality and super app and the long shelf life one can expect from a product like this, I would certainly recommend it.